Which kind of nail paints should you prefer as per your skin tone?

Hey my all lovely babes,

If you guys are struggling about the right nail paints for you skin tone, I am gonna guide you through it. We often buy any colour and many of the shades just dry up or expire in your makeup box.

Nail enamels are very trendy and can enhance or degrade your overall look.  Neon, Yellow, whites and nudes are trending nowadays but you can’t hop on every colour.

Different colors will have a impact on your skin tone and enhance your personality.

  1. Fairer skin tone-

If you have a fair skin tone, you can always go blindly with pastel shades like light purple or light blue, light to medium shade of red, shades of pink. Try to avoid very dark colours like black, dark green, orange, etc.

  1. Very Fair skin tone

If you have a very fair or white skin. More or less you can carry pastel shades like light yellow, shades of pink and purple & all shades of blue.

Try not to put dark colours and metallic shades which will make your skin look paler.

  1. Dark skin tone

If you have a dark skin and think you can carry only whites or light colours then you’re wrong. You can effortlessly carry all dark shades. Tangerine and shades pink will also pop up your nails.

Try to avoid pastel shades, silver and dark brown colour which will merge with the complexion.

  1. Wheatish skin tone

Tanned is a new fashion. If you have wheatish skin tone, you can hop on the largest range of colours than any other skin tones can. Metallic colours work beautifully on nails and personality when you wanna look glam. You can try some bright shades like yellow, pink and white and of course blue.

Try avoid dark red and dark shades of purple which might blend with your skin colour.

I hope you find these tips useful, let me know in the comment section.

See you soon 😊


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