What are the essential things a woman should carry in her bag?

Hey my all beautiful babes, hope you guys are rocking as usual.

A woman should always ready for everything and today I’m going to tell you about some essential things which you should always carry in your hand bag & believe me if you have these things, you will always be ready to go out.

  1. Your wallet– Which I know is a very usual thing, but some girls keep their money in the handbag’s section which you should always avoid and to keep things organized always carry a handy wallet to arrange your notes, cards and coins, etc.
  2. Power bank– If you are social bee or always on call and run out battery every time, always carry a power bank or charger.
  3. Body Lotion– You often tend to have dry or patchy skin while travelling or while you reach somewhere, so always keep a handy body lotion with you.
  4. Makeup bag– Now it depends on woman to woman, some are okay with just gloss and some cant live without flashy lip colour and eyeliner. So, I would suggest never leave a chance to get ready and make that good impression on the ones you want to. Carry a Compact, eye liner, gloss or lip colour.
  5. Pad– You should always be ready for the invisible guest, you know what I mean so keep it with you, no matter if it won’t be showing up for couple of weeks.
  6. Sunglasses– A basic aviator or a trendy cat eye, it’s all up to you, you may need this anytime.
  7. Mints– Bad breath is just a spoiler girl, and you never want that situation.
  8. Sanitizer & mask– I need not mention this but you have to carry it without saying along with a mask.
  9. Perfume– Your body may need your attention anytime especially in summer, so never skip it.
  10. Tissue– Grab a pair of tissues and hide it somewhere in pockets, you might need it while sneezing or if you are having a rough day at the work.
  11. Hair Band or clutcher– A woman’s most lovable accessory is a hair band and a clutcher. You may have a bad hair day and want to tie up your hair anytime.
  12. Dark chocolates– You should always be ready for those anxious times or when you feel dizzy after extra time at work. Grab a small bite and you’ll be fine with some extra energy.

I’ll posting things which I think might help you, let me know in the comment’s section if you want me to write on anything specific. See you soon!


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