How to choose Colors for a Fashion Clothing or Outfit in an Unusual Way?


Hi Babe,

Choosing colors for a balanced outfit can be daunting and we often end up pairing our favorite pieces with the usual color scheme which looks pleasing to our eye.

But you can do wonders if you learn a little trick.

If you want to mix colors in your outfits like a pro, then be with me till the end.

Let me take you through it step by step-

Color Wheel-

Now you must be thinking what I am talking about. Have patience, and read till the end.

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The three primary colors in a color wheel play a vital role while you create an ensemble.

Just memorize this Color Wheel and I’ll tell you three simple steps to choose colors like a pro.


1. Primary Colors

Red, Yellow & Blue are the primary colors in a color wheel. All other colors are made up of these three primary colors. Now you can choose similar shades of one primary color in your outfit. It will be a monochrome theme that changes the game immediately. It creates an illusion of you looking tall and it looks so classy.

2. Complementary Colors

You can choose the opposite shades in the color wheel to create a color block outfits or create a contrast. You don’t have to choose the vibrant shades; you can choose one pop color and a faded shade of the opposite color. Try this and you would be amazed to see the results.

3. Analogous Colors

Now choose one color and pick its left or right friend. You don’t have to choose these colors necessarily in clothes. You can experiment with accessories, handbags, footwear, etc. 



Now, these are three tips which can change the way you see your existing clothes in your wardrobe. Every girl has a thumb rule of her favorite colors, but believe me, you can wear any color you want despite size, color, and height. Just choose the colors wisely and don’t forget to wear that confidence when you step out.

I hope this blog helps you in some way. Tell me your thoughts in the comment section & I’ll come up with more tips and hacks.

See you next time.




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