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Last week I have been to two places, Pench Tiger Reserve & Pachmarhi. Both are in Madhya Pradesh.

We planned a road trip from Hyderabad to Pench Tiger Reserve which is 582 km & to Pachmarhi which is 179 km from Pench. You can reach Nagpur via flight or train and it will take around 3-4 hours by road. The nearest bus stand to Pench is Khawasa or Seoni. To visit Pachmarhi, you can travel via train & reach Pipariya i.e. 47 km from Pachmarhi. The nearest airports are Bhopal & Jabalpur.

I’ll tell you in detail how we planned our trip, where we stayed, how we planned sightseeing, etc. So let’s dive into the details.

We started at 8.30 AM, took NH44, the roads are amazing throughout our journey especially till Nagpur. We booked a hotel in advance which was 20 km away from Pench Tiger Reserve. It is advisable to stay within 10kms from the main Tiger Reserve Entry Gate if you have chosen 6:30 AM Safari. But as we had our vehicle, we stayed in the Highway Hotel Green Park Resort. Checkout which entry gate is nearer from where you’re traveling. We chose Touria Gate which is most famous and nearer if you’re traveling via Nagpur. Other gates are Jamtara, Karmajhiri.

We reached the hotel at 5:30 PM, took some rest, had dinner, and slept early as we had booked our safari at 6:30 AM. You can choose the afternoon or the night safari as well at your convenience. But the charm of the morning safari is amazing. You need to book the forest permit in advance from the Govt. Portal https://forest.mponline.gov.in/ that will cost Rs. 500 each and once you reach the gate, you have to pay for the safari i.e., Rs. 2500 for the entire safari and Rs. 500 for the guide.

We loved the experience; the morning breeze was quite chilly so don’t forget to carry a jacket. We packed some snacks too; all the safaris take a halt at 10 AM for breakfast and snacks. If you are staying in a resort, then they will pack breakfast for you, if not then you will get tea/coffee and aloo bonda in the canteen. The washrooms were very neat & clean.
We witness bear, deer, elephants, peacocks, unfortunately, couldn’t find a tiger.

After 5 hours of exploration, we came back and started for Pachmarhi. You’ll come across the longest flyover over the Pench tiger reserve in Madhya Pradesh so that wildlife movements are not disturbed.

We had our lunch at 1 PM in the highway restaurant. You’ll find multiple options on your way. We reached our resort at 5 PM. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a network as the resort is situated in the foothill. But it was relaxing away from the city chaos. The resort representatives were very welcoming. They grow their vegetables and serve fresh food as per your order. We had a very pleasant stay.

We took a nap and relaxed the day we reached and started for Pachmarhi i.e. 20 km up from our resort. The ghats are edgy and the roads are narrow. The climate was fine. We planned our first day to visit all the places which don’t require an entry fee or permit.
First, we visited, Handi khoh, which is 300 feet tall cliff, also known as suicide point, known for its scenic beauty.

Then from there, we went to Priyadarshini point. It is a must-visit place with an incredible mountain view. We spent some time relaxing and watching the clouds in peace.

Then we went to Gupt Mahadev temple which is famous for its 40 feet long cave, there are many famous temples but we couldn’t make it to all except this one. Jatashankar & Chauragarh is a must-visit temple if you have time and energy for trekking.

Then we went to Pandav Caves, known for five-rock cut temples and adorned with naturally grown gardens. It is believed that Pandavas lived in these caves during their exile and that’s how the Pachmarhi name came from.

We called it a day with a couple boating in Boat Club Lake. Best place to spend time with family and witness sunset.

We came to our resort at 7 pm and had some delicious dinner.

Next-Day before we book our safari, we came across a catholic church. It is known for its French architecture which was built more than 150 years ago.

From there we went to Bison lodge, where you need to book the safari that costs Rs.1700 for a full day & Rs.300 for the forest permit. We parked our car, started our off-road ride.
First, we went to bee fall, it was too crowded and you need to step down more than 400 stairs to witness one waterfall. It was too hot and we got irritated, we came back after we climbed down around 150 stairs. Hahahaha.

In Pachmarhi, you need to walk and trek a lot.

From there we went to Apsara Vihar fall. It was not crowded in the noon. I thought we are the only ones who were there. You need to walk at least 1.5 km to reach the waterfall. But it was worth it. I loved the place. There were only 2-3 families. We did some photoshoots too. Spent one hour peacefully.

From there we went to Reechgarh. Again, you need to walk a lot. Hahaha. But I must say it was worth it. The caves were one of the biggest natural caves and a walk through dark narrow caves was memorable. It is believed that once upon a time a giant bear(reech) used to live there. The caves climb up to lush greenery.

We had a plan to visit Dhoopgarh too which is the highest point in Pachmarhi and a must-visit place for sunset.

But we were tired like anything and hence we came back to our resort as next day we had to start traveling back to Hyderabad in the morning.

While coming back, we had an amazing time in a highway restaurant. We reached Hyderabad at 11.30 PM.

So, that’s about our 5 days trip to Pench Tiger Reserve & Pachmarhi. I hope you liked it and it will help you guide with your travel plan too.

Things to carry-
A Jacket
Snacks (you will get hungry as you need to walk a lot)
Water (it’s expensive on the hilltop)
A light travel bag (you will need it while trekking)
The most comfortable trekking shoes or running shoes
Comfortable outfits

Don’t forget to pack the above things 😉
See you next time.





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