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This is Jayshree and today I am here to share with you guys my travel experience in coorg.  It was our 3rd anniversary and we always plan some trip to spend some time together away from the city. So this time we thought of a road trip to Coorg. I have also made a detailed video on Youtube of where we stayed and went for sightseeing.

So we planned 3 days trip , first day we stayed in a home stay as we planned the whole day for sightseeing and second n third day was a stay in Coorg cliff resorts.


So, without wasting any time let’s dive into the blog-

We started early in the morning at 5.30 AM from Hyderabad, we have packed our food so that we won’t waste much time in multiple stops in restaurants during our travel. We also packed some brewed black coffee.

It took us 8 hours to reach Bangalore via NH44, the climate was okay.

While we took the road for Madikeri, Coorg , the roads were amazing and we weren’t tired by that time. Around 6 PM the ghats started and it took 1 and half hour to reach our home stay that was 7 km from Madikeri.

Next day we went to Raintree restaurant, enjoyed some fresh brewed coffee, local food like appam, fish curry, rice, and coconut payasam.

Then we went to Nehru Maptap, we were shocked as there was no one, but we did some photo shoots happily without any disturbance.

Then we drove to Abbey falls, it was crowded but the fall was mesmerizing amidst the coffee plantation.

While returning from Abbey falls, we parked our car and booked a jeep for some off road experience to Mandalpatti. Believe me you wouldn’t want to come back from such picturesque location. We spent 45 mins over there and came back to do some shopping in town like local spices, freshly roasted coffee beans, homemade chocolates etc.

At last we had an delectable dinner in Coorg cuisines restaurant, you can have local pork curry, rice balls, chicken curry, etc.

Next day we checked out and off for Dubbare elephant camp. The roads were zigzag amidst the tallest trees.

We crossed the river by a boat to reach the camp and spent some time watching elephants bathing and playing. I personally love baby elephants and it was so good to see these trained elephants by their mahouts.

Next, we stopped by Levista café to have some amazing coffee, luckily it was not crowded and we had a great time together. I loved the interiors of the café.











We also had our lunch in Atithi restaurant (Kushalnagar), where the food was served on a banana leaf but it was quite overrated.

Finally we started for Coorg cliff resort, The road to Coorg Cliffs Resort meanders through stretches of paddy fields and anonymous hamlets, past banana, cardamom and wild black pepper, areca nut and coffee.

Situated at an edge of a hilltop amidst acres coffee plantation and other spices.

Its a beautiful place, the scenery view from the rooms are amazing.

In the evening, we went for a nature walk through the estate that surrounds the resort. A walk amidst the coffee plantation estate is a must when you are in Coorg.

The resorts have lots of onsite activities but most of them were closed due to Covid-19.

At last, We witnessed the sunset from the pool view.

You can plan your itinerary as ours if you have three days’ time.


Day 1  Travel from Hyderabad to Coorg,Check in at Homestay
Day 2 Sunrise at Nehru Mantap
Lunch in Raintree


Nehru Mantap

Abbey Falls


Shopping in town

Dinner in Coorg Cuisines

Day 3 Dubare elephant camp

Lunch in Atithi Restaurant

Shopping in Kushalnagar

Check-in at Resort

Coffee Plantation walk

Sunset from the pool view

Day 4 Checkout



Let me know if you need any other detail while planning a trip to Coorg.

See you next time.





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